‘Teeka Sente Wolaba’ Theme Valentine’s day celebrations in Uganda.

Women are naturally meant to be materialistic! They are by default meant to in a begging mode. Looking out to men not only for material support but also for moral support. Whenever they meet any challenges in life. 

The Luganda phrase ‘Teeka Ssente Wolaba’ is a direct translation of invest your money where you see a promising future.

Its unfortunate that most gentlemen end up spending all their little hard earned money on ladies whom they will just lose at the exit of those luxurious hotels, bars, restaurants or lodges. 

Such ladies are ready to selfishly drain your wallet because they are sure this will have no effect on their future. On the other hand if she was your real partner she would be even more concerned on how you spent your finances. If she is thoughtful enough she will advise you to consider having a joint saving initiative to help you raise funds for your future family she will be event be willing to contribute to the bill for your restaurant dinner at least once in a while.

My brother my sister open your eyes.. Whom are you spending your finances, emotions and time on.. Its high time you stopped wasting these your valuable resources.


Congratulations from Uganda to Cameroon the AFCON2017 Campions

Congratulations to Cameroon the AFCON2017 Campions. This comes from me as sincere message from me & I feel its he ame messege from any Ugandan.

As for us at the point of qualification to AFCON we indeed has our potion of the celebration you might me holding right now. Not to bring history and figures in, this was our 2nd time of qualification and it came after 39 years. We lost to Egypt at the 89 Minute and you won victory over the same at the 88th minute.

If Uganda was Cameroon at this time. 

I put myself in the Cameroonian shoes right now. Looking forward to the day when the cranes return unto us with the first AFCON trophy. On the day the cranes played the 1st game in the tournament around 90% of Ugandans were dressed in the Uganda Cranes Jersey to portray their spirit to the National team. I feel in an event that the boys returned home with a championship crown. We would offer them a standing ovation alongside the road from right from Entebbe Intl airport to the Kampala City centre.

Otherwise congratulations fellows I look forward to pictures of your celebration moments. Please consider giving us this glorious crown just for the next tournament. Please Cameroon & the rest of Africa! Kindly give us a chance to celebrate this at least once in a lifetime!

Congratulaions cameroon.. For God And My Country.. We are the Cranes..